The iHelp support service for M3 Movex provides a direct channel support for your business. We deliver a service level which we guarantee will beat what you have today, not only for time taken to work with your users, understand and deliver solutions but the depth of understanding from years of support and project delivery. At around only 50% of the cost of your current Maintenance Plan you can remain supported on your current release for the next 10 years!

Our M3 Movex support takes the customer experience to a new level by providing a single point of vendor accountability and resolution, integrated proactive support tools, and mobile connected apps. As a result, you can provide your user base with a simple management structure, a more responsive and dependable service, while quickly achieving the highest levels of operational efficiency.

iHelp is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of service for all of your M3 Movex solutions, providing the essential services and resources your business needs to maintain IT availability, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

Consistent, 24/7 coverage across all M3 Movex software application elements

A single point of accountability and service featuring award-winning technical support apps and proactive support best practices

Integrated support delivered by one service and support organization with a dependable and user friendly portal interface

One source of process updates, enhancements, and configuration recommendations for the complete solution

From RPG V8 through to today’s latest JAVA applications

Mobile support ready with Android, iOS PC and MAC availability

If your M3 Movex implementation is at least 5 years after Go-Live and you would like to gain a more user focussed support solution for your operational effectiveness, then get in touch today.